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Support for Frame Sequential Output in Popular Electronic Consumer Goods

3-D Television is here, and with it comes many competing technologies.
One of the most common formats of 3-D display technology is Frame Sequential Output,  which sends alternating images to each eye through the use of a synched Active LCD Shutter system.

Many 3-D Televisions and Projectors in the home electronics field support Frame Sequential Technology. Unfortunatly, the output providers have largley ignored this standard and insist on supporting Stacked Frame or Side By Side formats for content delivery, in a manner in which to force consumers into their own brand of product.

We the undersigned request for output providers to support the common Frame Sequential format for their 3-D content in future firmware updates to their products, including but not limited to

1) Sony
2) Microsoft
3) Mitstubishi
4) Samsung

and others.

Please support the Frame Sequential Format, and your customers who use this format

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